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The Scallops are on the Flats  !!!  we are collecting limits in 2 to 3 hours !! Schedule a trip soon and bring the family for a great time !!!

We are Running a special on 1/2 Day Scallop Trips ... Monday Thru Thursday !!!
Just $275.00 .

MY Mid Year 2014 assessment is that are having one heck of a year  !!!  Don't take my word for it !! Check out the out these photos of our clients straighten a few hooks out !!!  


While Scalloping takes over as the preferred pass time in July and early August we are still catching a belly full of Fish ... Trout remain plentiful and the Spanish mackerel are thick as the Nature coast's water are teaming with bait. Don't think for a minute that the reds are gone we slayed them this week  ... 7/10/14 ... the bad news is all but one of them was an over sized fish . 


Hooked on Reds  -- Fishing Charters
We specialize in near shore light tackle fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and the Steinhatchee River. Our fishing boats are moored at the Sea Hag Marina in Steinhatchee, Florida.  Individual outings with a single  boat and captain as well as group outings with multiple boats and captains are easily arranged. 

The target species in our area include : redfish, speckled trout, Spanish mackerel and Cobia. In addition to these species we often  catch flounder, bluefish, sand trout, croaker, grouper and black bass . One group in May of 2009 landed 23 different species in a single outing. Testimony to the quality and diversity of the local fisheries. 

Hooked on Reds  -- Scalloping Charters
While we fish year round, from July through mid September donning snorkel gear and searching the grassy  flats of the Gulf for Bay Scallops has been the pastime and passion of many generations on the Nature Coast  . Regardless of your status as a seasoned or novice scalloper we are here to help our clients and their families get in on the action. Scallop  season  is  the busiest time of the year in Steinhatchee and the best accommodations and charters fill up quickly. Booking your trip three to four months in advance is suggested. The scallop season of 2010 was very good again. You can bet that folks will be chasing those tasty mollusks in force in 2011. Book your trip early and don't be disappointed.

The Captain
 An avid outdoorsman, Randall Hewitt  has been offering guided fishing trips for 20 years. He maintains a USCG Captains license that  affirms his commitment to your safety while on the water.  His knowledge of the local waters in and around Horseshoe Beach, Steinhatchee and Keaton Beach insures that each trip is optimized for the time of year, abundance of target species, wind, tide and current. The father of three great kids, he has learned to be patient and offers this virtue to first timers and novices alike while he guides. To meet the needs of the experienced angler, he willingly shares his knowledge and the techniques that have served him and the guides of the Nature Coast very well over the years. 

March Fishing Forecast 

Let's just say I am glad February is over.

And  let's agree that  March is one of those unpredictable fishing months too that leaves us asking the question  " should I stay  ... or should I go " more often than not.  Fast changing weather patterns and fronts that move through the area this time of  year make it tough to set and execute our fishing plans with certainty. The problem is they are out there !!! On a questionable day early this month we hung a limit of trout with some 20 + inchers and hooked (6) nice redfish. Despite the cold evening temps that continue the fish are becoming active and feeding once the water warms in the afternoon. 

The neat thing about this time of year is that the sheephead, amberjack, florida snapper and black bass fishing is on fire as well. They make for a  great family bottom fishing outing on those bluebird days. So when you wake up and there is a nice day in store grab your rod and reel and head to the Nature Coast ...  better yet give us a call and see if we have an open date at Hooked on Reds Charters. 

Get set folks  ...  in late March with temps like those we have been having ... a fishing buddy and I alone hooked 27 red fish one afternoon about three years ago. As I said ...  if mother nature cooperates this can be one of the best times to be on the water. 

Above all else make your safety and the safety of your crew the deciding factor when your deciding to stay or go ... let's face it ... despite the "fishing fever" ... the nice weather is around the corner as is some of the best fishing. No need to unnecessarily take chances.

Expect things to get better as milder evening temperatures  help the water warm. Our inshore waters are generally around 60 degrees ... when the water temp nears 72 things will be in high gear. It is time to get the gear ready and sharpen your hooks. 

Capt . Randall 

"I am a native of Florida's Nature Coast and I have had the pleasure of living and fishing here my entire life. I'm blessed to have a father and grandfather who introduced me to the natural treasures of our coastal gulf community as a boy and  I continue to share these experiences with my children and  clients today. We enjoy more than a hundred miles of undisturbed coastline, which offers one of the best shallow water fisheries in Florida . In addition, you have the opportunity to become immersed  in  some of the most beautiful coastal scenery and wildlife in the  Southeast. Don't take my word for it . Join us for a fun filled day of fishing and make up your own mind. I'm confident you'll be back. Pry a kid away from their "electronic world " and bring them along   ... they will remember it for a lifetime. "  --- Captain Randall Hewitt   

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